Seclusion, security the dream of afternoons away from performance, tucked up in the sanctuary of Suzannah’s haven. The warm breeze continued to flow freely, the shutters tapped a few moments, flies buzzed around the aromas, the out doors rustled of the plants and trees, the whole environment in synchronicity Suzannah remained in her dream world.

Dreams of the world to come, the dreams foresee, the next journey would be to travel down the Nile, towards the new plans and construction of the water flows, the visions of the boat, the movement, the faces, the flies, the smells, the food – the glimpse of horizons, followed by more sunrises and sunsets.

Whilst the seconds of continued aspiration, commotion and excitement built up from below, the chauffeur raced down the sandy drive to the tranquil house, Cecil jumped eagerly out of the car, racing through the palms, courtyards, corridor, stairway.

“My Darling Suzannah” – he echoed around the palace.

The Sleeping beauty began to stir, she pondered whether she was still within her reality, the door flew open, followed by an excited embrace. The dreamer arose –

“refresh yourself my dear, what is all the excitement? – do tell…..?”

“We are to welcome a visitor by His Majesty’s service, Mr Tony Flynn, he is researching the ancient art of the Nile and has invited us to join him on his voyage to The Valley of the Kings, and the investment of the creation of the Dam at Aswan. The land has requested that we join the expedition, to draw plans and embrace the local culture further South”

“This is the next step along the world we go, my treasure.”

Suzannah, dazed but strangely composed, refreshed and readily taking in the adventures exhilaration, Cecil, I have been waiting for the right time to speak to you, our schedules most recently have not crossed.

“I have some exciting news of our own”

Her eyes lowered towards her growing belly….

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