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Who are these people.

Lord George is 14 years old, he is the oldest son of Baron William Forrester. Lord George, has enjoyed a youth of freedom and open spaces, he is a slight chap and was always interested in flowers, plants, animals growing up. He left the harsh play and tumble to his younger brothers and village friends. He was a clever, intelligent and creative boy. Adolescence had brought a confusion within his soul, however he found peace and comfort at his new school, Eton, where Lord George, relished in the drama and theatrical English classes and embracing new characters, especially playing the female roles.

Baron William Forrester, was born into wealth and it was his duty to run his establishments, farms and properties – scattering the west country, towns and a few London city dwellings. Baron William married Louisa and they produced an Heir Lord George and a couple of spares. He was a man of the world and business, he cared not for trivia and requested that his entourage worked with good grace and manners. Baron William had also relished and grasped his education at Eton, England’s finest production of Gentlemen he believed. He knew it was time for Lord George to let go of his childish ways and grow into a righteous gentleman. Little did he know, that Lord George embraced other such approaches to life?


What are they doing here.

Baron William Forrester, has attended the Annual Theatre Production and witnessed his heir, dressed as the lead female role in the production. Lord George was an absolute natural.

Lord George, feels in shame of his accomplishments and Baron William is awaiting sternly his chauffer to pick them up and return them to the retreat dwellings, away from prying social types.

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