Preflight checks tick, journey, travel time tick, instruments tick, headphones and speaker comfortably placed.

Switch radio on –

“Good-morning – 118.3 Honolulu Tower, Foxtrot, Yankie, Delta 7-8 request departure from Hotel 1, access East on Runway 2. Honolulu departure 124.8 East

“Good morning – H-78, departure H 1, clearance delivery 121.4

The dawn peaked the horizon, the glorious radiant sunshine, painting an abundant palette for the pacific sky. The air sock stood limp, the warmth blanket security – the palm trees stood like grand soldiers giving protection and guidance to access Runway 2.

Pedals balanced, throttle open, collective lifted, cyclic eased back a margin, rotor blades gathered rhythmic momentum, landing skids lifted, I was in motion, all the training, courses, patience, endurance, it was time to taxi to Runway 2, alone.


Control tower 118.3 crackled “ H-78 take off clearance – Enjoy your flight” –

“Register frequency 124.8 East” –

Cyclic forward, fuselage tilt……auto-pilot repetition concentration, ground speed gradually moved into air speed, I was up 100 feet, 500 feet and climbing, over Kam Highway.

Honolulu below turned into a toy city, heading East, along the Wikiki shoreline, intermittent radio talk. In the atmosphere, comfortable, free and enveloped in the crystal blue reefs and cloudless day, flying into the abyss.

A dark mass below, the liberation to fly close to investigate, the most enormous whale and swimming aside, her baby. This quite possibly has to be the most staggering, natural, motional birds eye view captured.

Am I flying in heaven?

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