The candles and glasses twinkled and the evening was a buzz and hive of celebration and enjoyment.

Veronica was invited to the celebration of staff and their contribution every year, it was the highlight in the calander and you could bring a plus one, her husband Geoff. This year she was on the head table with the Director of the company George Roberts his wife Lorna.

God I wish the world would swallow me whole and I could just disappear.

“That dam soup is disgusting, the beef is way over cooked and the custard is slop” You call yourself a hospitality establishment, this is worst that a 3rd world soup kitchen. Pumped up like a turkey

Veronica knew in times like this, to breathe and smile.

Every time we go out it’s a barrage of destruction and insults! You must stop this or just not come? – Uttered words across the white pressed table.

“You, you always side with everyone else” – He Roared.

Drunk? I do apologize – “Its time for home”

Everyone gazed in resilience.

“Welcome back Veronica, that was a close one” –whispered a quiet reassuring voice.

Slowly her eyes opened, to a hazy pallid room.

Where am I? – she questioned

You are safe now, and your baby daughter is healthy and bonny.

Safe, a baby, Where am I ?

A flood wave of brain activity occurred and immediately, a flash back from when? She questioned arose…?

I’m meant to be at work today, I have an important client flying in from the states to discuss the merger with the……..

No Veronica, you and you daughter are safe, your sons are with your mother.

Where am I, what happened – the smell of tabacco rose – around her senses.

The stairs, my head hurts, was I being held by my the hair – had I lost my footing, I was tired.

“Veronica, your husband has almost killed you and your children; he was intoxicated and is currently being held for questioning”

My baby, my children –
“Your daughter she is fine, as she is slightly premature and the level of damage that has happened to you, she is just in the ICU pediatrics for observation.

Veronica, you are our priority, now please rest.

Rest, I need to get…….

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