The pine trees shaded the long winding muddy track, glimpses of sparkling gems flashed between the uniform solider trees, protecting the track.

The wooden frame, encapsulating in an opening, perfectly created panorama. Fluctuating down to the glissing water mass. A haven of creation.

The abyss, dark wooden frame looked a cozy picture, quintessentially perfect. To the right a scattering of pink roses flashed an array of color – adorning the front of the home – perfectly lined up and tended to immaculately a straight cut according to the window frame of comfortable perfection.

The front door, stable door open slightly ajar, a glass plane of a wolf, to the floor was a large amethyst crystal, with its mammoth jaws in protection of outside spirits and emotions. Wind chimes danced and sparkled in the sunlight.

To the left of the front door a growing bed of honey suckle – giving out the most encouraging aroma, potent and perfect. In front a tavern growing vines over a collection of diverse chairs, comfortable perches for an afternoon of collorabrative chat, putting the world to rights and a large wooden circular table partaking and witnessing many a conversation. Two black cats perched comfortably in their favourite chairs and a golden retriever lying below gently opening an eye to the movement and breeze of outside stimuli.

Entering over the threshold of the friendly cabin a warm yellow open plan room covered in memories captured in black and while, faces, fun times. Edible and inviting sofas and collection of travel adorned the den of comfort. A large coffee table from a far off land covered with the largest statement placed white roses pure, alive and fresh
Books uniformly set around the fireplace and a large chessboard with savannah wooden animal sculptured, unique and active between a games.

The smell of fresh bread, cakes recently backed edible mouth watering. Warmth oozed from the left of the home, a large wooden kitchen table scattered with remnants of a recent entertainment in circulation and preparation for the next.

The panorama eyes drawn through the home to the back garden – perfectly sculptured access down to the lake, the centre of daily activity, movement, reflection, inspiration – rows of plants, fruit and vegetables drawn in abundance.

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