The White Room was the inside-outside room of the pied-de-terre, it sat nestled between the kitchen and the Mediterranean.

A white washed archway provided a picturesque panorama towards the blue crystal ocean, perfect reflection and observation viewing. Grand yachts, sailing dingy and white horses dotted into the horizon. The arch provided shelter from the intense midday sun, and also encapsulated a smooth air funnel for occasion light sea breeze passing through.

Liv Twi a lady in her early 40’s used this home as her reflective writing space; she had travelled greatly and shared this specific abode with her black cat Delilah. They spent many an hour together watching the blue abyss the clarity of the white room gave the perfect freedom for gathering her thoughts and inspiration on what her next chapter would or could entail. Delilah brought her much peace, comfort in company and distraction from becoming too engrossed, she brought Liv Twi back to reality and that real life still has form – she had to remind herself.

They would convene each morning at the great oak panel table, it was large, sturdy and provided a great platform of creativity. There was enough space to seat ten chairs, however Liv and Delilah settled with three. The third chair was the book research chair, piled high with captions, note books and ink dotted place mats.

She was far from a lonely woman; this white wash was her indulgent quiet stage.

What do they do next ??


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