Natures Symphony, a glorious abundance of wildlife,

Warmth radiated throughout the park, the morning breeze captured a hive of thriving activity.

The grasses and rushes swayed and danced to the rhythmic chorus.

The setting was home, the park was silent and free from any human kind, it was the ideal place for ripening and reviving their bodies, fresh for the day of existing ahead.

It was just after day-break and breakfast time at the north end of Pen Ponds, a magical mist and fog lay lightly on the surface. Glistening cob webs carpeted the scene and leaves hung like colorful jewels giving a theatre curtain.

Stag Simon, Doe Delilah and their fresh offspring, arrived elegantly king and queen to the water hole, lapping up the water, Antlers proud and adorned reflecting affirmation.

Woodpecker William drilled holes intermittently and hovered backwards and forwards for refreshment.

Mallard Mavies & Maude, this season produced 12 little fluff balls, all taken for their morning swim and stretch, chasing each other in the excitement.

Between the yellow and orange grasses Rabbit Robert flopped and hopped his way to the pool, stopping to chew the occasional dandelion, then quickly vanished back into the undergrowth, whilst Fox Felix sluthonally appeared at the water, drinking up slowly.

Canadian Geese Cole and Conny fresh in from their migration pattern, returned to the pond each year, they symmetrically danced of contentment to be back gaining charge for their journey ahead.

Graceful Swans Sid & Sally glided through the mist rising, their white glowing armor radiating clarity for the fresh morning peace.

Butterflies Boris and Barbara along with their other companions flittered from wildflower to wildflower, whilst Dragonfly Dion and his gang darted rapidly from the rushes to the water dips, creating tiny ripples as they flowed.

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