Early afternoon and the night had descended. Winter solace a celebration that
Lucy took herself to the coast each year, this year was especially poignant.
All braced against the elements, Lucy sheltered herself between the dunes and
long grasses to watch the full moon rise, the drizzle from earlier in the day had
eased, the cold easterly breeze pierced through the atmosphere. Lucy had
walked the stretch of the beach and deposited all her thoughts – today was about
letting the spirits of the recently departed go.

She poured a warm spicy broth from into her favorite thinking cup and close to
the waters edge she noticed a gathering of 4 folk and a dog. Ben her friend died
in a car accident earlier that year, he was gathering the fire wood, standing
proud and always considerate about others warmth, John her brother took his
own life in the early summer, he was sitting inhaling deeply on his cigarette
looking out to the ocean always deep in contemplation. Betty her Grandmother
had reached the ripe age of 96 – Lucy read to Betty each week, she inspired her
into reading captions and inspirations – she passed away a couple of weeks ago,
her heart was just not so strong anymore – Betty sat with a blanket watching
into the fire – mumbling stories of old. Charlotte her Aunt had always been the
life and soul of a gathering room, Cancer invaded her life and took her away.
Sarbie her faithful dog for the last 14 years was dipping into the waters edge,
where John was throwing the odd rock.

It was a year of releasing these spirits into the fire and as Lucy centered back to
reality, the thoughts of the impending days of Christmas and the new year – a
strange sense freedom and release blew over her.

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