The house is still & snoring – quiet, peaceful – not long before the hoards wake
and its time to there after not think.
The window tells me its been raining hard and daylight is beginning to break, the
dogs sense my stir.
Leggings today, autumn is kicking in and the nettles are still high, cant be
bothered to know about getting stung later. I need an extra layer – water proofs
no point really. Socks – yes be bothered – otherwise your feet will stink. I must
get some new trainers – I keep promising myself.
Come on pups – – Ah – you are all ready! – Eager and excited about there
adventure ahead.
Key turn and they are through the door like lightening bolts. Deep breathe, deep
stretch and we are off – little shake and acclimatize.
Did I remember my tissues, ah neck-warmer – im going to need a torch soon.
What has happened to the summer daylight hours? Autumn season is kicking in.
Sensed through the nostrils, the air is chilled, the ground is damp.
Oh goodness, the dogs have charged ahead- hold on I shout? Marking their
territory and stamping their presences in the Suffolk scene.
September already, what has happened to the summer?
School holidays, have so much to tick off over the next couple of days
Shoes, pack, pencil cases, oh where are their ties, hair cuts, they all need new hair
cuts? When can I squeeze that in, I know between work, lunch, supermarket
shop and Kids birthday party drop off.
Dogs, this way, flutter, flurry – what are they after – whistle movement – rustle –
ah there they are. Come on! – This way
What shall I cook later, shephards pie, they all eat that. Oh breakfast, must think
about breakfast, sausages, eggs. How am I going to get them all dressed, fed and
out the door again by 7.45 on Wednesday. No worries, it usually does.
Oh heck, we need to pack their bags, uniform, PE kits, what hockey sticks, where
are the hockey sticks,? Mouth guards – not another set of mouth guards.
That puddles huge, ahhh – caught on the blackberry bush, there are so many
blackberries this year – great picking session over the weekend and delicious
apple and blackberry crumble for lunch – the kids love to forage. Will be have
more time to forage.
Ah – stretch – star jumps – where is the sun today? – through the haze of clouds
and damp dew rise. Some days it is glorious, today its just daze. 85, 90 100 –
Come on dogs, we are off again.

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