This is a tale of Pat the Hat.

And a great big, black, fat cat.

This is a boat that sat in the mudflat

And this is a meerkat that liked being an acrobat

One day Pat the hat, gazed at the sea as the boat sat in the mudflat

And as he gazed he said to the big black fat cat

The sea is enormous and the world ginormous

How long to find another habitat?

So Pat the hat, the big fat cat and the boat moved from the mudflat

Off we go, they cheered to the sea with adventure, horizon and the occasional splat.

We need a new format – said Pat the hat and from that

The big black fat cat and the boat that had moved from the mudflat

Resat with differing chat

A nimble rat stole Pat the Hat and took him to a charity shack.

Pat the Hat was all alone and missed his friend the black cat.

One flat still day,

An acrobat in the shape of a meerkat arrived at the charity shack.

Im looking for a cap or a hat, that hat up there is the perfect tat.

Now Pat the hat and the meerkat acrobat together became the perfect expat.

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