Sub-conscious Source Observer……..

Veronica was in a state of disarray; disillusionment and her subconscious source came to rescue her and her children.

What is her being of intention or purpose?

She is alone in the continual battle of destruction or the acceptance of normality.

Then again, what is normality? she is a wife, mother, employee and kept a home. On the outside she lived a very genuine existence to another’s perceptions.

Was Veronica’s life, children’s lives’ worth the continual barrage from another’s anger and rage – in this case her husband Geoff’s wrath of control and addictions; the excursion witnessed being overwhelmingly draining.

Was the physical abuse, almost murder considered habitual and the question within Veronica’s own mind – did she deserved it, blame herself, The whole occurrence was it made up?

From an observer’s perspective, Veronica as a mother nourishes and nurtures, is there really any other purpose? This is a process of continual giving, providing and exertion.

The effort is for whom, her children, her husband? To her own detriment, for whose acceptance or appreciation of living

Veronica awoke damaged although alive in the hospital, with a healthy baby and her other children in the safe protection of her extended family. Not every person is so lucky.

What is the luck?, It wasn’t her decision to be free from the comfort for the turmoil.

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