Sheathed in amniotic fluid hummed by the heart beat
Innocence of childish way perceptions of ignorance and play
Growth and exploration of nature and the encompassing nurture
Encircled in family dwelling with blessing provided
Holiday serenity of amusement and investigation
Seasons bring their unique abundance – winter twinkle, spring fling, summer fun and autumn blush.

Canadian Rockies Mountain hikes, peace so welcome – canoeing the paddle drip drip meandering the lakes of Algonquin.
Engrossed power hypnotic water of Niagara to Victoria.
Deep within the Grand Canyon – tweet of a Japanese lark – questionable deeper into the depths to scuba diving the blue abyss – sounding bubbles of breathe for life.
Galloping into the moon sphere through monument valley and skiing above the world so high – upon a breeze so still to deep tea meditation at the Dahab wind.
Surfing breaks in the green room, at Pipeline, board stories talking whilst the day disappears, Ayres rock rustic burnt setting sunrise for a new beginning.

Pregnancy relief and labor rest between contractions, serenity as baby nestles feeding from the breast by one, two, three, four, five – with bouts of quiet and calmness until disturbance arise.

Walking the dogs through forests, beaches, into astonishing colors, warmth, and cold connect with season providing. Running through the rain, power shower and energy cleansed.

Stretch, quiet meditation deep breath with swimming and heat lodge.

Personally for me that place of absence of emotion or disturbance and doing and the being and composure of existence.

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