Her name was Suzannah, she lived the life of an English Gentleman’s wife, exploring and navigating the ancient world of Egypt. The home was a perk and provision of the profession and Suzannah’s role was to be a wife, she had maids and company provided.

Each morning, Suzannah was wake to the pastel blue skies and swaying palms, stretch her way through the nectarine groves and dip her toes between the bull rushes of the Nile, reflecting if this was where Moses was hidden. She was too contemplate life whilst gathering the soft ripe fruits providing a heavenly fragrance and picking beautiful array of colourful flowers, luscious lilies, large crimson poppies and aromatic roses to bring some of the outside in, perceptively the temperature of the day soaring so high, for the open-air afternoon to be so unbearable.

Suzannah would return to residence refreshed and ready to do her correspondents, followed by an exotic fruity lunch, as the temperature of the day rose, everyone slowed down and it would be time for Suzannah to retire to her favourite room of the house, the sun room, tiled floor for coolness and windows open to allow the free breeze to flow, she would pull the drapes back to act as a shade from the outside glare – and display the aromas of the mornings earthly gathering. Suzannah reflected peaceful within her tranquil and inspiring spot and quietly rest listening to the serenity of the water flowing outside and the breeze touching her glowing skin, composed and ready for relaxation, she relished in her abundance and exuberance and feel thankful and faithful, she closed her eyes and dream of the exciting adventures and the ancient women before hand and admire her future of the new woman exploring the new lands.

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