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Welcome to the World of LivTwi

Juliet created the character Liv Twi in 2017 to reach out across the world via a
platform for compassion, community and guidance. From early childhood years, through the teenage rollercoaster rides, into the joy of 20s, 30s, 40s and onward. You can connect with Liv Twi at any stage of your journey. She is here to stimulate, motivate, encourage and support.

I am an active mother to four sons, Patrick, Theo, Noah, Caspar, one daughter Meralina and a step son Zac. I have a devoted husband to be, Murray (wedding date TBC). I also have three golden children / aka retrievers, Granny Honey, Alice
and Sam and 2 black cats, Deliah and Jake and ten trusty chickens. I have operated in the hospitality and tourism corporate industry globally for the
majority of my work career, until 2011 when I became self employed and now own and manage Highwayman’s Self Catering Guest House and events Venue in Suffolk.


Sleep Ritual

Water, rest, wash, remember those teeth.
Stretch, be proud, be happy, be grateful
Put to rest any negative emotions and thoughts

Morning Ritual

Liv Twi wakes up each morning and mediates/prays and performs some yoga
Energizing, embracing and channeling the day.
Followed by a lovely dog walk to stimulate the brain waves for list making and

Beauty Regieme

Water, relax, swimming, sleep, yoga, shower, running.

I am incredibly passionate about tapping into the world of helping people and
wish to share the healing world of spirituality, faith, compassion, support and
Liv Twi’s goal is to empower people, to believe in their own creative powers and
self worth.
Join her on the journey and together share the path…

I'm Social


I have encountered on my life journey, either within myself or my close
immediate family and friends:

Addictions – alcohol and drugs
Eating disorders – anorexia and bulimia
Health conditions – chronic asthma, eczema and cancer
Educational difficulties – dyslexia, bullying
Schizophrenia, death & suicide
Pregnancy complications and miscarriages
Domestic abuse, rape, violence and divorce
Financial turmoil, struggles and uncertainty.

Creative Writings

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Morning Brew

French Toast


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