Inconspicuous and yet such a complex and exceptional object.

A necessity, I question that concept?
However taken from the inside out, or the outside in.
Is it for the Mark or the marksmen?
Is it for the vision or the visionary?
Is it for the gazed or the gazer?
Is if the hunter or the hunted?
Is it for the view or the viewer?
Is it the win or the loss?

B – Bringing new breathe and energy to the next thought moment through the enhanced lens to capture another world so far away.
I – Immeasurable insight into their instantaneous, still encapsulated in a different destination, detached and so far away.
N – Never an inclining sense of presence of persuasion or interaction so far away.
O – outside their lives, their existence and company so far away.
C – Cocooned and isolated in life around the very sphere of sight so far away.
U – unique caption of seconds, undisturbed and unknown still so far away
L – left to their own location and detachment so far away
A – Alone in the tunnel vision and concept of safety, barrier, telescopic & lens so far away.
R – Reminiscing of a rejected or valued existence witnessed through a circle so far away
S – Succeeded and Accomplished an instant in time captured so far away.

concave, circles, distance, lives, caption, curtain wave, stuck, , influence, submarine, other worlds, existence,

– January 2013

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